Installing Android tablet into a car
October - December 2014

I have installed an Android tablet computer into my car center console. Tablet is connected to a car audio system through car's stock stereo system. Car diagnostic informations are available through OBDII interface.

GUI for ARM MCU with touchscreen LCD display
January 8, 2013

This is a simple GUI (graphical user interface) that I have developed for an ARM MCU with touchscreen TFT LCD. ARM MCU used is the NXP LPC2148 ARM7 MCU running on 60Mhz with 32kB of RAM memory and 512kB of flash memory. LCD is a 3.2" 320x240 pixels TFT LCD with a resistive touchscreen.
Tags: ARM

Stereoscopic 3D glasses controller
August 2010

This is a controller for stereoscopic 3D active shutter glasses that I have made. It is based on a ATMega8 8-bit microcontroller listening on VGA signals between computer and display screen.
Tags: 3d ATmega8 AVR

Electronic thermostat
December 2009

This is a central heating system thermostat that I have made. It switches central heating system boiler on and off in order to maintain the air temperature on a desired level.
Tags: ATmega8 AVR

Web server on ATmega8 with NE2000 ISA ethernet network card
September 2009

I have interfaced an old NE2000 compatible ISA ethernet network card to the ATmega8 MCU and made a simple web server. Since NE2000 operates on a link layer level, to make a working web server, I had to write a simple TCP/IP stack implementation.
Tags: AVR network