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Stereoscopic 3D glasses controller
August 2010

This is a controller for stereoscopic 3D active shutter glasses that I have made. It is based on a ATMega8 8-bit microcontroller listening on VGA signals between computer and display screen.
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Electronic thermostat
December 2009

This is a central heating system thermostat that I have made. It switches central heating system boiler on and off in order to maintain the air temperature on a desired level.
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Web server on ATmega8 with NE2000 ISA ethernet network card
September 2009

I have interfaced an old NE2000 compatible ISA ethernet network card to the ATmega8 MCU and made a simple web server. Since NE2000 operates on a link layer level, to make a working web server, I had to write a simple TCP/IP stack implementation.
Tags: AVR network