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Trying ESP8266 for the first time
November 2, 2014

ESP8266 is a great new WiFi to RS-232 module. The great thing about it is that it cost only 5$, and it provides the abillity to connect your MCU to a network using only RS-232 port. Also, it has built-in TCP/IP stack so it should be simple enough to setup your MCU to talk to other devices in network or servers on the Internet. Processor on this module is Tensilica Xtensa LX3 32bit, clocked at 80 MHz. This is my first try of using this module.
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Web server on ATmega8 with NE2000 ISA ethernet network card
September 2009

I have interfaced an old NE2000 compatible ISA ethernet network card to the ATmega8 MCU and made a simple web server. Since NE2000 operates on a link layer level, to make a working web server, I had to write a simple TCP/IP stack implementation.
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